About Us

Thank you so much for supporting this small business! I created these products because when I was a little girl, I always saw other holiday decorations and felt like I was missing out on something. I saw homes decorated for other holidays, and our decorations were always relatively simple.

Children are very visual and hands-on. At a time when they can't always understand the beautiful concept and deep significance of Ramadan and Eid, it's important to teach the Deen (religion) to them in a loving and fun way. By decorating our homes with fun, bright and colourful, Islam-specific decorations, we are helping them to connect fun and love to our Islamic holidays. This will draw them closer to the fold of Islam and peak their interests towards the Deen.

I want to help to make the dreams of other young children come true, and give them more to be excited about during Ramadan and Eid. I don't want another young girl, or boy to feel like they can't have beautiful decorations that reflect their beliefs. I hope this brings your loved ones a little extra joy this Ramadan.

💚 The Muslim Holiday Team


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