We pride ourselves in providing you with the highest quality outdoor Eid and Ramadan decorations for you to enjoy with your family.

Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions to get your Islamic holidays up and running with style!

1. Are your inflatables waterproof?

The fabric of the inflatable is waterproof, but not the plug. To prevent damage, as well as for safety reasons, you must use a weatherproof cover for the plug. You can find the kind that you will need here: We can just put this long link into the word here

2. What material are your holiday inflatables made of?

Our Ramadan and Eid holiday inflatables are made of high quality Polyester and can withstand many weather conditions. 

3. My inflatable isn’t holding its shape.

Make sure that the inflatable is securely attached to the ground with the stakes and ropes, but not too tight. Tightening it too much, and not leaving enough slack will cause the inflatable, or the attachments holding in place to tear.

4. The remote for my projector isn't working.

The remote is used only to power the device on and off. If the remote isn’t working, the batteries have to be replaced. The slides have to be manually changed.

5. How do I replace the motor on the holiday inflatables?

Before ruling out that your motor is in fact not working, you should follow these steps and then replace accordingly.

6. How can I fix tears in my Eid and Ramadan inflatables?

Your holiday inflatables are built to be tough and handle the weather conditions outside. That being said, though, they’re also subject to harsh elements outside from heavy precipitation, to animals damaging them. If you find that your holiday inflatable has been torn, you can follow the steps here ADD LINK TO TROUBLESHOOTING BLOG HEREto fix the hole(s) at home yourself.

7. How can I clean my holiday inflatables?

This is particularly important before you store your inflatables for the season. It’s easiest to clean the inflatable while it is still blown up as you’ll be able to see the entire surface more clearly and will be less likely to miss any spots. Use a mild soap and water solution to clean any dirt and grime off the surface of your holiday inflatable. Make sure that you wipe away all soap and let the inflatable fully air dry before storing. Storing an inflatable while it’s not fully clean and dry will invite mold and mildew.

8. How should I store my holiday inflatables?

Once the inflatable is clean and completely dry, carefully deflate it and gently fold it. You can store it in the box that it came in or any other clean, dry box with a lid. Always refer to the instruction manual before storing the inflatable to see if there are any other special instructions to keep it in tip top shape. Store your inflatables in a cold, dry place. Basements and garages are ideal for this. 

9. What is your refund policy?

If an item is found defective within 7 days of receipt, we will gladly exchange the item or issue a store credit.  

*Please note: Shipping costs are non refundable and will be the responsibility of the customer for an exchange. 


If the item is in its original condition and packaging within 7 days of the item being delivered, we will issue a refund minus the shipping costs and a 10% restocking fee will be applied. 

10. Why are your holiday inflatables so expensive?

We conducted a significant amount of market research when we priced our Eid and Ramadan inflatables as we wanted to try our best to make the products accessible to everyone. You can find similar products to ours from China that are priced at well over $100 USD for a single item. That doesn’t even include shipping or custom duties that you will need to pay on top of that. We are also a small business, not a corporation and do not have a large investment capital to leverage. Our hopes are to grow and sell more products so that we can order in larger quantities and lower the price per unit even more for you. We appreciate your business and referrals. 

10. What is your refund policy?
Exchanges or store credit only for defective product. The store credit is valid for one year. Any requests for exchanges or store credit must be made within 7 days of receiving your order. Exchanges will not be done for products damaged due to user error and neglect, i.e. failing to use a weatherproof plug protector, tying too tightly, using during extreme weather conditions, e.t.c.