Fixing and Troubleshooting Your Holiday Inflatables

Holiday inflatables bring joy to your homes and help you get into the festive season. They’re the holiday gift that you, your guests, and even your neighbours can all enjoy as they drive past your home! 

Because they spend time outside though, they can get damaged by the weather, or even wild animals. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a damaged holiday inflatable!  

It’s easy to resolve most problems that you’ll run into with your Eid and Ramadan inflatables. We’re dishing out our expertise today and sharing how you can fix your holiday inflatables. 

Tears and Punctures

Nothing deflates the holiday spirit quite like an inflatable with a puncture and leaking air. Sometimes you may see a hole in your inflatable, or you may notice that your inflatable is looking a bit flat. 

This is how to fix your holiday inflatable:

Find the Hole(s)

The first thing you’ll want to do is identify where exactly the air is escaping from. Make sure that the blower is running and then visually inspect your inflatable to see if you can find the puncture. You can also try to feel for the air by running your hands over the inflatable or listening for a hissing sound which will indicate leaking air. An easy hack for smaller-sized holes is to spray your inflatables with soapy water. You will see bubbles forming from the holes where air is leaking? If you’re not seeing anything, make sure you’ve covered the entire inflatable. 

Mark off and Move Indoors

Once you’ve found the holes, mark them off with some masking tape so you know what you need to repair. Deflate your inflatable completely, being careful not to damage it further. It’s best to work in a well lit area indoors as you make the repairs. 

Fix the Hole(s)

Once you’ve found the hole(s) and moved indoors, make sure your inflatable is dry before you begin any work. 

Use a weatherproof, high performance clear flex tape to patch up any punctures you found for larger tears. This tape is preferable to use over regular scotch tape or even packaging tape as it’s highly durable, and resistant to the outdoor elements. The best practice is to tape from the inside if you’re able to. 

For smaller punctures, you can sew the material together if you are able to sew. If you don’t know how to sew, skip this method.

If you find that a hole is in a very obvious spot and the tape will show, another option is to use fabric repair tape. This one is a bit thinner and less visible and you can choose a colour that most closely matches your holiday inflatable or use a transparent one. 

Inflatable’s Blower Not Working

Before you determine whether the blower is in fact working or not, you need to test it out. You can do this by simply plugging in your inflatable to an outlet without its timer if you’re using one. If it doesn’t work, test out the outlet by plugging something else into the same outlet. Once you’ve ruled out the outlet, you will know if the problem is with the blower or outlet.

If your blower is powering on but your Eid or Ramadan inflatable isn’t blowing up, check for tears (look at the method above to test for tears).

If your blower still isn’t working, you can follow the troubleshooting steps below.

Troubleshooting Holiday Inflatable Blower

Check for obstructions

Make sure there aren’t any blockages in the fan. Search the fan openings for any debris that may be jamming up your fan. 

Check for Fuse Issues

You can test out the fuse and see if that is that issue for your fan. If it’s the fuse, it will be an inexpensive swap that you’re looking at.

Replacing Eid and Ramadan Inflatable Blower

If you’ve tried the steps above to resolve your blower issues and it’s still not working, you will need to find a replacement. You can buy this one from Amazon.

Replacing LED Lights of Your Eid and Ramadan Inflatables

It’s possible that at some point the lights on your inflatables may need replacement. The replacement lights will need to be attached to your power supply. 

You will likely need to splice wires to make this work. If you’re not up to the challenge of working with wires, get outdoor lawn spotlights to shine light on your Eid and Ramadan inflatables. Some lights will even come with a remote that will allow you to change the colors.

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