How to Care for Eid and Ramadan Inflatables

Your Ramadan and Eid inflatables are built to be strong and durable. They do however need to be cared for properly and depending on where you live, they can be more susceptible to damage caused by harsh weather conditions.

We have put together this guide to help you care for your holiday inflatables so that you can enjoy them for many years to come. 

Protect Your Holiday Inflatables

Your Eid and Ramadan inflatable’s fabric is waterproof, but the plugs are not. Always use a weatherproof cover to protect the electrical plug from water damage. You can find one here

Even though they are waterproof, it is recommended to move your holiday inflatables indoors in the event of a severe rain or snow storm. If your inflatable has frozen while deflated, let it completely thaw by either moving it indoors, or letting it thaw outside before re-inflating it again. 

Always avoid setting up your inflatables in areas that will collect puddles (lower land where water can run off to) to prevent damage. It’s also helpful to set them up away from locations where mud may splash on to them regularly to help reduce how much you’ll have to clean them. 

If your holiday inflatables have been damaged, check our blog for troubleshooting tips for common issues.  

Clean Your Holiday Inflatables

This is particularly important before you store your inflatables for the season. It’s easiest to clean the inflatable while it is still blown up as you’ll be able to see the entire surface more clearly and will be less likely to miss any spots. 

Use a mild soap and water solution to clean any dirt and grime off the surface of your holiday inflatable. Make sure that you wipe away all soap and let the inflatable fully air dry before storing. Storing an inflatable while it’s not fully clean and dry will invite mold and mildew -  YUCK!

Storing the Eid and Ramadan Inflatables

Once the inflatable is clean and completely dry, carefully deflate it and gently fold it. Ideally, you should store it in the box that it came in, or any other clean, dry box. Always refer to the instruction manual before storing the inflatable to see if there are any other special instructions to keep it in tip top shape. 

Store your inflatables in a cold, dry place. Basements and garages are ideal for this. 

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